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The name Harmony is derived from a conversation with my business coach the founder of The Black Clover Foundation a public charity that inspires Black Entrepreneurship. As a result, “Harmony Soul Food & Entertainment “came to life.

As a young girl growing up a native of Oakland CA., I was raised by both parents with 4 siblings. I became intrigued in hearing my mother share stories of her Mother, Mrs. Lena Shaw, who lived in a small-town Jessup outside of Brunswick, Georgia. My grandmother was well known in the local newspapers for her outstanding southern down-home cooking.

At the tender age of 12, I took a big interest in cooking. In the summer months as my siblings played outside, I chose to observe my parents on the inside while taking notes as they utilized their gifts with different spices and seasonings to prepare their soul food meals. As I watched for several weeks, Mom then asked me to wash and chop onions, peppers, and greens. She taught me how to properly use a knife and how to cut a whole chicken into 12 pieces.

Months later while learning the theory of cooking Mom said “Chanele, today I want you to prepare dinner”. That evening I was so excited to show what I learned. My Menu included fried/ smothered chicken, rice, gravy, green beans, and cornbread.

As I cooked, I heard the words of Ms. Joyce Whittington, (an amazing cook) “always cook with love”, and each bite will be a reflection.

When my Dad arrived home from work, I fixed his plate and served him. He blessed the food. And began eating. After a few bites he called out for my Mother, He said “Vera, you out did yourself with dinner tonight,” her reply “I can’t take the credit “Chanele” cooked the entire meal” and his response was in awe. “That was over 40 years and I have learned from the best.” I am so excited to welcome you on this journey to share in the magic of bringing H.S.F to my new extended family and friends!!!

“Harmony is the food of the soul”
Fried Prawns

Fish & Poultry

Fried Basa Catfish


Banana Pudding